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Image of Radiance Dome

Radiance Dome

The original Radiance Dome made its debut at Burning Man in 2012. A free standing art installation based on a 5 frequency geodesic dome, it contains 190 illuminated panels and 120 vertex lights, which together form a highly customizable 3d surface. Standing approximately 20’ tall and with a diameter of about 40’, the Radiance Dome is designed to be a space which captures the eye of the visitor from both inside and out.

The Radiance Dome is available for events on the West Coast. Please contact us for more details.

Width 38' (11.6m)
Height 21' (6.4m)
Set Up 2 days
Crew 10 people
Notice 8 weeks
Image of a size comparison between an average human man and the Radiance Dome.
Image of Radiance Orb

Radiance Orb

The original Radiance Orb is an interactive light installation similar to the Radiance Dome. Measuring a mere 3ft (1m), the Radiance Orb has been displayed around the world including displays at The Smithsonian, The National Academy of Sciences and UNESCO. We’re pleased to make Radiance Orbs available in a range of sizes and configurations.

Both the Dome and the Orb offer a suite of interactive and data visualization modes, including reacting in real time to ambient music. Perfect for concerts and performance venues!

Width 3' 7" (1.1m)
Height 5' (1.5m)
Set Up 1 hour
Crew 2 people
Notice 2 weeks
Image of a size comparison between an average human man and the Radiance Orb.

Interested in purchasing a custom installation or displaying one at your next event?

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The arrival of a new generation of well-heeled techies triggers laments about counterculture ruin in the Nevada desert. Sorry, but you can put a sock in it.

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Lucite International, owner of the LuciteLux acrylic brand, today announced Eugene-based technology collective Light At Play is the winner of its inaugural JUST IMAGINE Awards. Light At Play’s design, the Radiance Dome, features nearly 200 two-foot LuciteLux triangles equipped with LED lights that literally glow as they change color with music and movement.

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At this year’s Burning Man festival, a technicolor geodesic dome rose from the arid flats of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create a 1200-square-foot psychedelic dancefloor. Built by Light at Play, an interactive lighting design collective from Eugene, Oregon, Radiance Dome consisted of illuminated panels that shifted in response to hand motion controls – blazing with bright colors or fading into translucence.

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An award-winning advertisement featuring the Radiance Dome in the January 2014 edition of Architectural Record.

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We recently announced that the 2014 JUST IMAGINE Awards were open for entries, so we thought we’d take a closer look at last year’s impressive winner, Light At Play’s Radiance Dome.

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Today over lunch, EW stopped in at Light at Play, an art-technology collective housed at Concentric Sky downtown, to chat with Yona Appletree and Kenyon Acton about the “Radiance Orb”

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The Radiance Dome, by Light at Play, is a moveable feast. This Buckyball-like construction features geometric tiling of acrylic LuciteLux panels.

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Also on display in the LuciteLux booth is a miniature replica of the Radiance Dome by Light At Play, which won the 2013 LuciteLux JUST IMAGINE Awards for its immersive LED design.

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What do you get when you combine a 40 foot diameter geodesic dome with LED strips and acrylic panels? Apparently something really amazing, as seen in the videos below. This dome was set up at burning man, making for an interesting space where one can be enclosed in light or open to the environment if the panels are not illuminated.

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As a child, Yona Appletree spent his summers at the Oregon Country Fair, helping his mother sell tie-dyed clothes — and he continued to do so as he matured, manning his mother’s booth until 2010. Appletree grew up at the Fair, watching it slowly change. Now, as a computer programmer specializing in interactive art, he wants to help the OCF evolve.

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The Radiance Dome is a dynamic and creative space like no other. A structure 40 feet wide and 28 feet tall, the dome consists of light guide panels that change color through different inputs such as hand and body movement.

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A large sphere that glows with colorful LED lights when music or motion is nearby is bound for the City of Light.

The 200-pound orb, which was designed by software developers in Eugene, will fly to Paris in January for the opening ceremony of UNESCO’s International Year of Light 2015 — a first-ever yearlong celebration of light and its impact on science, technology, art and culture.

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Light at Play’s Radiance Dome is a lighting art installation that was named this year’s winner of the 2014 LuciteLux JUST IMAGINE Awards. The colorful dome was made up of 200 triangular panels of Light Guide Panels lined with LED lights that changed color based on the music and movement of people inside the dome.

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The days may be short in Oregon during the depth of winter, but a local startup company is lighting the night with brilliantly colored geodesic spheres.

Founded by Wayne Skipper and Yona Appletree of Concentric Sky, Light at Play is the creator of the Radiance Orb, a 200-pound sphere of panels illuminated by LED lights that respond to sound and motion.

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Fittingly, Light at Play — a business whose sole purpose is to create mesmerizing ambience — was conceived at Burning Man, the Nevada music festival known for wowing crowds with art exhibitions and a huge wooden effigy that is burned each year.

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The program will open with a ballet, choreographed by Eugene Ballet’s Toni Pimble, to choral music by Rossini, Mahler, Debussy and Eric Whitacre, as well as an excerpt from Carmina Burana, and wrap up with a choral performance of the Mozart Requiem.

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To promote the progress and promise of light research and education, leading U.S. science organizations will host two events on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015, in Washington, D.C. The events are organized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in conjunction with the American Institute of Physics, the American Physical Society, the IEEE Photonics Society, the National Academy of Sciences, the Optical Society and the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE).

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Hundreds of people attended an evening event this past Saturday titled, “Light for a Better World: A Celebration of U.S. Innovation” at the National Academy of Sciences. This was one of two flagship events anchoring International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL 2015) celebration in the United States, and it featured several delightful lectures by a distinguished panel of speakers followed by a nice reception.

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Image of Yona Appletree, Co-Founder,  Light at Play

Yona Appletree


Yona integrates a technical approach to design with artistic expression in his favorite medium: software. Yona co-founded Light at Play in order to realize his passion - the symbiosis of art and technology.

Image of Wayne Skipper, Co-Founder,  Light at Play

Wayne Skipper


Wayne’s background spans the technology gamut, from hardware design to software architecture. Wayne co-founded Light at Play to explore the creation of immersive experiences using data-driven lighting systems.

Image of Kenyon Acton, Designer,  Light at Play

Kenyon Acton


Kenyon choreographs for stage and microprocessors, transmitting her interest in the shifting topographies of light and interaction. Layering mediums, curiosity, and collaboration, Kenyon designs with excitability in mind.

Image of Michael Hackett, Production Manager,  Light at Play

Michael Hackett

Production Manager

Michael has 20 years of industrial construction experience ranging from millwrighting to fabrication to rigging and everything in-between. Over the last 3 years he has used this broad skill set to focus on his love of art and creativity.

Light at Play

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